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Juicing is such a hot topic right now. What could be better than have a glass of delicious, freshly squeezed juice every day? Forget about commercially mass produced juice you can buy everywhere. It’s a garbage! Not healthy at all. On the other side buying small $6 juices at your local juice bar on regular basis will ruin your personal finance sooner or later. So what is the best option? MAKE YOUR OWN. Mr. Juicer is here to help you out!

First step – buy the best juicer for your needs

The most important step when starting with home juicing is to choose a quality juicer. It does NOT need to be expensive one, but it’s extremely important to realize what your expectations are. Is orange/lemon juice all you need? Would you like home-made almond milk as well? Or maybe you want to enjoy health benefits of wheat-grass juice, hmm?

Doesn’t sound so simple anymore, right? Choosing the best juicer that will really fit every range of needs is a difficult thing to do. Juicers on the market can go for price anywhere between $20 and $400. I want to help you not to overpay for marketing traps, or low quality junk that produce a lot of juice, but destroys the health benefits during process. Remember – a single glass of quality juice will do more than a gallon of colorful, sweet water.

There are different types of fruits and vegetables and there are different ways to extract their juice. Thus, if you don’t have your own juicer, please continue to my ultimate juicer guide.